Patty’s Scared And That’s No Lie – Chapter 13

It’s Wednesday night in jail and raining hard. The women’s unit GED class is just finishing up. Five minutes to go. Most of the women have picked up and shuffled back to the racks in their jail house slippers. There are two people left in the class room area which is in full view of the female Correctional Officers from their office window. The one C.O., the one who despises the teacher, is watching his every move. It looks like the C.O. is getting pissed from the scowl on her face. But then, it’s hard to know from the look on the C.O’. face if this is extra mad, or just regular mad. Either way, The GED teacher can feel the burn. Like bad vibes. Looks can kill. Like a witch at her cauldron. Yeah, she’s been treating the inmates well. Bitch.  Continue reading “Patty’s Scared And That’s No Lie – Chapter 13”